Instead of having to set up a whole division for accounting and hiring staff to do the calculations, produce the checks, and prepare the government reporting forms, we can deliver that process for you at half the cost and double the efficiency. It is about time that the CEO ceases to mean Chief Everything Officer, we can help with at least one less thing to worry about.

It’s easy to see if a salesperson is effective, but do you have a good understanding of the capability and effectiveness of your employees at administrative and financial management tasks? The people performing these tasks are seldom given much training and supervision is limited to “if it doesn’t appear to be broke, don’t fix it”. In administrative and financial management tasks this can lead to unpleasant surprises such as fraud losses and regulatory fines and sanctions that could even threaten the ongoing existence of the business or organization.

Most businesses and organizations experience some level of attrition. What happens if your key person leaves tomorrow? Or takes maternity leave or gets called up to active duty in the military? Is recruiting and training a permanent or temporary replacement something you look forward to?

Not at all. While reputable temp agencies try to supply personnel with the skills and experience required to get your job done, neither the agency nor the individual they supply provides any assurance that the job gets done right. You still have to monitor and supervise the work being done.

As a provider of business process, we are committed to quality and client satisfaction.

Here are some typical decision situations:

  • Resignation of a key employee – outsourcing avoids the recruitment/training effort
  • Employee dishonesty or fraud resulting in termination of employee
  • Business growth brings transaction volumes that existing staff can’t handle
  • Recognition that outsourcing can improve results (faster collection of receivables, higher level of vendor financing from effective management of payables, etc.)
  • Short-term need of an administrative or financial management business process to support a project, cover for maternity leave, illness or military service, business restructuring or location startup